Children in Need


Our Children in Need project is progressing really well, so far we have enagegd over 100 young people in various sports, games and activities. Improving communication, self esteem, motivation and physical health. Social connections have been improved and many of these young people starting to look to other avenues to continue their developement and positive pathway. 


Project description:

The grant will target 405 young people aged between 5 - 18 suffering multiple disadvantages, ranging from learning difficulties, financial hardship, access and support issues as well as school and family challenges. it will allow them to access fun, healthy and safe activities focused around sport and play. These sessions will primarily aim to improve mental health such as self confidence, self esteem and motivation, whilst enhancing their physical health and tackling social barriers such as isolation, negative stigma and cohesion. It will aim to give these young people the tools to make a difference themselves and enhance coping mechanisms and resilience. Learning from our previous projects with Children in Need has enabled us to get a strong understanding of not only the need and challenges facing these children but an opportunity to further gain an insight into what works and what is achievable with the right support and structure. This consultation is a continual process and once again these sessions will evolve the young people in every step. 

The project will target three age groups, 5 - 12, 12 - 16 and 16 to 18. Each group (of 15) will have two 1hr sessions a week for 15 weeks.

Mission Statement

 To provide opportunities and facilities for fitness, leisure and recreation for the people who live in Plymouth and the surrounding area. Provision will be targeted at those who have limited access to such services by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances. We will work with users of these services to provide opportunities to improve their life chances, health and well-being.