Try for Change - Comic Relief

Try for change – Comic relief

Provide a 30-week project which aims to help young people (YP) aged between 16 - 25 years, and suffer from mental health difficulties, by increasing their employment potential using the core values of England Rugby. Saltash Hash Tag will provide the YP with FREE accredited qualifications and a support system.

By providing 30 weeks of weekly rugby coaching sessions to the youths, our coaches will teach the participants the CORE values of rugby union. The coaching program will be broken down into groups of specific target sessions that are specifically aimed at a value. The first five weeks of the sessions will be focused on teaching the young people all aspects of TEAMWORK. The second five weeks will be focused on teaching RESPECT towards others, the third five weeks will teach the youths all about DISCIPLINE, the forth five weeks will be focused on SPORTSMANSHIP, the fifth five weeks will be focused on how to use the VALUES outside of the project and the sixth five weeks will include a recap of all the values.
TEAMWORK - Our coaches have lengthy experience using rugby coaching to teach young people how to effectively use teamwork. The sessions will use problem-solving games to illustrate the importance and impact of effective teamwork.
RESPECT - Our coaches will illustrate and highlight the importance of respect and how to gain respect through learner led games.
DISCIPLINE - Our coaches will demonstrate how to be disciplined and the impact of staying within the rules of the games.
SPORTSMANSHIP - Five sessions will solely focus on how to be a good sport and highlight the reward of sportsmanship.