Donate and directly help those in need


Why donate to us?

As a charity we strive to work with our communities to ensure they receive the best projects to suit their needs. To do this we continually carry out consultation with the local residences and local partners. Over the years we have been able to set good links and partnerships with these disadvantage communities to allow us to help the community from within and ensure a sustainable session is created and outcomes reached.

Your donation will go directly to the community or project you choose. With a 100% donation to project return it gives you the confidence that your money will be utilised effectively and have the maximum impact possible.

The charity comes into contact with over 500 youths and adults a week giving you, if you wish excellent exposure for your business or organisation. We have a number of different options available for your donation to go towards, ranging from a full projects, equipment, clothing or part project.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss these options on how you can help those in need or go to our just giving page.

Previous donations

Tesco donation from Alexandra rd - This was a £500 donation that has gone directly towards a street games session in leigham. This will be a 10-week project to engage youths in sports and activities that are acceptable to its surrounding residences. The team will work with the youths to educate them and ensure continued safe and fun play is possible.

Tom Green – Tom has worked for us previously and recently ran the Plymouth have marathon. The money raised is going towards an accessible volleyball session in the summer.

Royal Air Force – The RAF have provided £1000 to be used on clothing for our team, This has enabled us to improve our image, be equipped for sessions in all weathers and carry the RAF logo on all items.